Mental Wealth Investments

We Focus On 3 Things


Our Interactive Training Platform

We have created a cost effective solution that removes the stigma and provides 24/7 access to multiple interactive programs that can be accessed from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 


Access To Live Help

This platform allows you access to live help from mentors, life coaches, therapists and psychologists.


Continued Education

We also provide continued education for therapists, doctors and psychologists. 

Meet Jessica

           Jessica has been struggling with her work and relationship life and doesn't know where to turn


I.C.E Cold Confidence is one of the first programs created within Mental Wealth Investments. It is a confidence/self-esteem program based on all of the best ideas and techniques that have been shown to help people with self-confidence problems..

This confidence-boosting course distills these ideas into 3 steps:

IDENTIFY- Get insight into your unique self-confidence problems and where they stem from

CHALLENGE- Old beliefs and Learn techniques to reverse unhelpful patterns

EXECUTE- Learn how to make positive changes in your life and execute on a new life plan

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